About Fenton Eats

fenton eats

I’m Sinead.

I Question Everything. Or at least as best as I can…

Passionate about real food and most importantly understanding what it takes to get the food we have to us. Understanding food from the farm all the way through to fork and beyond through to waste and re-utilisation.

The Fenton Eats Mission?

Share the stories of the extensive component parts of our food system with the ultimate aim of building awareness.

Discovery and exploration are deep in my heart. Understanding leads to empowerment and responsibility. So in order to build a more just, sustainable and inclusive food system, we need to wholeheartedly understand the complex interactions of the current system.

All served with a dash of ranting, dark humour, good food, not so healthy cakes, and a large helping of curiousity.

If you’d like to get in touch or work with me please drop me a line at Sinead@FentonEats.co.uk. Collaboration is the key to evoking change.

You can read more about my motivations and my journey here – Reconnecting with Food


 Please note – all photography, writing and recipes are my own unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use any of my content please do contact me first.