Getting Over Fussy Eating With Cake

I used to think I didn’t like lemon drizzle cake. No reason why, I was just difficult and didn’t like anything that wasn’t plain, boring or chocolate. I know lemon drizzle isn’t exactly rock and roll, but my eating habits were quite illogical. I’d eat meatballs out of a can, but not a lemon drizzle cake.

At university a bunch of us student were running a conference and that’s where I tried my first lemon drizzle cake. I was hooked. The event catered for by the onsite deli, was the deli I passed on my way to and from lectures, each and everyday. Everyday for about two weeks I went to the deli and bought a little slice of lemon drizzle loaf. Everyday. Some say I have obsessive tendencies when I discover something new I like. I wouldn’t disagree. I like to think of it as making up for lost time.

There were days where they had run out, they were dark. But I’d make up for it on other days with two. I’ve had a lot of eye-openers over the last few years. No surprise, I have 18 years of fussy eating to make up for. Out of those moments this one makes me laugh. How ridiculous, it was cake, not fish eyes or something slightly more justifiable.

Overcoming anxities

Everytime I have a lemon drizzle cake now, it reminds me of getting over absurd fussiness and how those years away completely reshaped my eating habits. I went from someone who would never try anything new, fending for myself with hash browns and beans, to someone who ate a cricket just yesterday.

It’s been a journey of so much more than just eating new food though. Ultimately it has been a journey of overcoming anxieties. I’ve discovered new ways of life and cultures through food. I’ve become aware and empowered to help change our dysfunctional food system.

This journey has evoked a passion for wanting to explore the power of food as a tool for driving empowerment, engagement and inspiration toward positive things. Connecting with food has opened my eyes up to so much and I know it can do the same for others. Overcoming those boundaries opened up a complex but incredible world for me. This blog will hopefully help others realise that they’re not alone in this, I felt like I was at first, but food is a social tool that holds no judgement.

This blog focuses on making things yourself from scratch, a method of taking back some of that lost confidence. Stories from like-minded people will be shared with the aim of giving you more information about our food system. So take a look around.

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