Ponders – Bringing Nature Back Into Our Lives

Not far off a decade was one of my first Geology trips away and I’ve never stopped being so in awe of the natural world since, I’d spent lots of my childhood at the forest and seaside, but mountains were a completely new phenomenon for this city kid. It brings me back to a piece I wrote last year about our deteriorating connection to nature and how far removed and separate we often see ourselves to nature – We Are Not Above Nature. Us and ‘the natural world’ as we often term it, but there’s no escaping nature, it’s all intertwined, we just have a reformed vision of what it is and in a way that suits us rather than coexisting with it. The latters feels like the root of the issue, we impose our inventions, our narrow understanding and our wants onto the whole system with little regard to consequences of other entities within that system. How do we bring ‘nature’ to those most removed from it?

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