Ponders – Why We Should Strive for Organic

I’ve been shortlisted for a BOOMaward by the soilassociation!

When people ask me “Why organic?”, my reason is nature. It’s in nature’s interest and in so, our interest. We look at the world through human eyes, and through this have created our idea of how this world works. We’ve imposed our creation of mechanisation onto nature. In doing this we harm, we degrade and we destruct. Nature responds, but that response is one of strain. What organic means to me is understanding, paying deep observational attention to our surroundings: a system embedded in knowledge and long term thinking, instead of the short term manipulative models we currently have.

What I want is a system that works towards the best solution for both us and nature and organic systems, as well as many other so called ‘alternative models’ play a huge role in achieving this.

So humbled to have been shortlisted, fingers crossed and, thank you!

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