Workshops & Talks

With a background in consulting & training within the software sphere (and hula hooping), I’m passionate about working with people and knowledge transfer and sharing. From living off beans and toast through-out university, to cooking up a storm now, my journey has been one of learning and discovery, with a lot of lessons learned that I’m eager to share.

My areas of focus are:

food waste and maximising utilisation · cooking from scratch · low cost good food · slow food · vegetarian eating · brand perceptions & taste testing

Workshops & Previous Courses

Taste Test – Breaking Down The Big Brand Illusion

High prices don’t necessarily reflect quality when it comes to big brands. The premise of this workshop is breaking down perceptions around quality and pricing. We test a series of different brands from “low-end” to “high-end” for comparison, look at what goes into these staple products and learn how to make it ourselves. This is all about understanding and questioning the food around us and empowering people to make informed decisions.

Eat Well Spend Less – North Enfield Food Bank, Trussell Trust

Assisting with running the Trussell Trusts Eat Well Spend Less six week course. Teaching clients how to cook good nuritious food on a budget and teaching finance skills.

As an addition to the standard course, I added a Taste Test at the end of each session sparking engaging debates about shopping habits and perceptions.

Based in London & Hertfordshire and frequently travelling the UK. Pop me an email at for inquiries.